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08-2013 Off to Soldier Hollow and Meeker

Lane and Soot will be running at Soldier and Meeker. It's a lot to ask of Lane, but hard to ruin his day. Looking forward to the road trip!




Born Saturday June 8, 2013

Sly gave birth to 4 girls and 1 boy!!!!

We are so happy!




When the time is right between now and spring we will breed Sly to Sweep!! If you are interested in talking about a puppy, please inquire!

See Sly's page for information on her




01-31-2013 Soot and Lane

Soot Wins the overall at Snowbirds on The border for her 2nd. year in a row. She was 4th. in the first go of Open and Won the second go!!! Good job SWEETNESS!

Lane (2nd. time in Open) tied to win the Open with sister (same way bred 4 years younger). Lane is a tremendous young dog!!! We look forward to a long successful open career!

Scores were 84 60 dogs to the post..Range ewes



09-10-12 Team is in place

Our Nationals team is in place. We have Soot and Sly for the Open and Lane for the nursery! Hope we have a better go at it this year than last year. We are looking forward to the trip; always to see new and old friendly faces!!



March 2012 Zamora Hill Trial

Soot 4th.
Sly 7th.

In first go round of Zamora!! 83 Open dogs to the post!!

Proud of the girls!



January 10, 2012 Soot wins the Overall @Snowbirds On The Border

January of 2012....

Soot put down 2 exceptional runs at the Snowbirds trial. Surprised at that as she just came off pups and had not been worked. She also had the flu a week before the trial. WOW is all I can say. She had a solid 75 out of 100 with little or no finish work, we stumbled in the shedding ring on the first go round (rare for us)...but on the 2nd. go she was flawless. She laid down a run of 100 out of 110. There was no stumbling for us that day!!! I love Soot!!!

Sly had a nice go around for a 65 in the first round running out of time in the shedding ring...the 2nd. go around worked well for Sly. She scored a 92 for fourth place!! I was thrilled shed, pen, single...DONE!

Lace although the points didn't look great, did a great job overall at the trial keeping her head. Her outwork was early perfect, and on the 2nd. run she blew a circuit in the shed and was called on her (not so needed nose bite!!) Anyway the exhaust dog scooped the sheep for us, as I proceeded on to cool her head!! Was proud of the youngster though!



08-02-11 Our Team is in place

I think we have finally decided to go to the finals. I will spend the next month getting the trial dogs polished and fit. The pups will sit a bit while I am doing this. We will have Soot and Sly in the Open. We will have Lace in the nursery. As time closes in on the event we will decide where we will train right before. As for now we will haul to a big field to work on outruns pace, stops, etc!



07-12-11 Ron and his team are stepping it up!!

We just returned from a dog trial in Tremonton Utah. The grass was too tall really to have a good trial, but the field was nice and the people even nicer. The range ewes were savvy and quick to outwit the over grassed border collie. Open didn't fair well with 17 scores the first day out of 50 dogs.

Our stars of the trip were K9znewe"Lace" taking second in the nursery where she got a qualifying leg.

Our real stars were Ron and Sweep and Ron and Jesse. You really could see the open dog experience coming out in these dynamic pairs. The grass was no problem and the fetch even less of a problem. You could see the experience shine through and there was no way Jesse and Sweep were going to let those sheep go!! Ron did a good job handling on the drive and an even better job when he and Sweep got to the pen. I knew in my head Sweep would get the job done if Ron could keep him calm. Sweep has always been a good finisher but Ron had never been to a pen with Sweep!! As a team would they got the job done!! Ron had a 5th place finish with Jesse in round 1 and had a 5th. place finish with Sweep in round 2!! I was so thrilled for the three of them and Ron was too!!! Good job baby!!



06-02-11 Soot wins Open 2 at Dry Lake Trial

650 yard outrun, ill prepared dog?? I guess not!! Day 1 many of the dogs struggled to get to the sheep, on a very trickey outrun. Day 2 soot had it figured out! 50 dog field Soot wins with an 85!! Good job Soot!!!



February 2011 SOOT wins Open OVERALL at Zamora Hill Trial

Zamora hill trial is known to be one of the toughest in California. Not only is they hillside trickey the sheep can be tough also! The Course is about 600 yards up and over hills upon hills. In the first run of open Soot did a silent gather to my feet on three soggy yearling range ewes. Everyone was quite complimentary of what a beautiful run we had.

Soot was the most consistent dog of the weekend..out of 160 runs to win the overall. It has been a personal goal of mine and I can now take it off the list. Soot is a phenomenal dog.



January 2011 Callie wins Nursery at Snowbirds On the Border Trial


Couldn't be prouder of her!! She kept her head together on range ewe's..un-believable!

RON & JESSE take 5th. in Pro-novice out of 48 dogs...their first was awesome!! So proud they are a cute team!




Sturgis Souith Dakota Sept. 2008...Gunner comes back from 10th. place in the first go around to win the second go round in Nursery. K9ZNEWE"Gunner" laid down a breathtaking run at Sturgis that afternoon. The difficult sheep never looked back as Gunner guided them effortlessly through the trial course, ending up as one of the very few to pen that day. Gunner had gone into the second go around in 10th. place, by a mile; he had to be flawless in order to win that day and he certainly was. I will never forget running Gunner in the Nursery at Sturgis it was a highlight in our career together as a team!




08-26-10 Off on a Judging Spree

I just returned home from Judging the Kingston Sheepdog Trial in Canada. Wow what an event!! Amanda really puts on a great show!! The lambs and ewe's were just trickey enough and the course just a beauty!! This is my first experience going abroad and I couldn't have met nicer people!! The help at the trial was outstanding, from Leroy keeping tabs on the sheep to Karen bringing me goodies all day long!! I stayed with Amanda's mom Peg and that was a real treat too...what a gal!! I have a nice time hanging around and having "tea time" with Frank and Maree Cashen of Ireland.

So I am home now and Tues I shall begin the journey to Soldier Hollow where I will judge some of the finest in the world!!

Upon return from Soldier Hollow I will begin my airline (nightmare) trek to Virginia to Judge the National Finals!



Sept. 09 Sweep and Gunner are off to Soldier Hollow

No News is NOT good news in this case. First run Sweep had a tough set of sheep we managed to get them down the hill (well Sweep did) we ended the day with a 60 not much more to say except sweep reminded me of what a good dog is about...fighting those breaking sheep down the hill was a sight to see and sweep well had a lot of new fans!!

Sweep run #2 scored a 78...Good run just not enough to get in a botched shed cost us probably 5 points and a rough beginning cost too...just can't leave points on the field. Sweep ran like a dream...again the comforts of an older experienced dog, there is nothing like it.

Gunner run #1- IRRESPONSIBLE Grip...I gave him too much freedom on the top end and yes he got carried away with himself...I think that is what 3 year olds do sometimes!

Gunner run #2: Better outrun and lift all together from the first go...listening this time...EXCEPT well a single that didn't want to play that took off down the hill to only be caught at the post...once rounding the post she and her comrades ran to the exhaust fence...I deemed them unworkable and gave gunner a pat and a drink...BUMMER is what one says...or like a good friend of mine says GOD IS GREAT, BEER IS GOOD, and SHEEP ARE CRAZY!



Sept. 09 SLY, SWEEP, and SOOT prepare for the National Finals!

Sweep places 3rd. in the first go round at the National Finals...good enough memory to last a lifetime...was a fantastic run...Peeper and I were just ON!! Unfortunately we were seated number 19 to go back into a 17 dog field...CLOSE CLOSE CLOSE....I still enjoyed every minute of that run!

Sly is 7th. in the 2009 National Finals Nursery..good job for such a youngster, she was fabulous and I was proud to show her off!

Soot fairs well at her first Open National Finals...tough spot to draw, was 2nd. but first dog didn't get the sheep, so for being first afterall, the little girl did a great job, made a clean run nice shed and pen...way to go soot!



October 28, 2009 SOOT and SLY Conquer Cedar City Lambs!

Last weekend, we were off to Cedar City a trial know for some of the toughest suffolk lambs. Spring Lamb is what they serve, and you had better be ready!! It's hard entering a trial like this and having to choose "Which open dog to run??! It's easy to take that old pair of shoes out of the this case would be sweep, BUT NOPE, I held back and entered the young girls!! I watched the lambs and told my traveling partner, you know "I BROUGHT HIM" (Sweep that is (just in case) but I held to my word and ran the young ones! the sheep were testy, if not breaking to the set out they would not lift. Off Sly goes (I thought well I guess we will see what she is made of. On to the top of the outrun Sly comes creeping in sheep break left right left right... Long story short Sly ties to win early on and ends up third and Soot ends up 6th. Next day Sly goes out HEAVY sheep get's it done but runs out of time...Soot goes out has a clean run until the sheep bolt singles flying in all directions...Soot saves the day fighting these lambs for 2-3 minutes and ends up third. The girls got the job done, won mom some money and looked good as Canines N Ewe home bred dogs!



Nov 2009 K9znewe "Soot", K9znewe "Gunner" and Sly Kick Ass in Porterville!

Day one Porterville Fall trial Soot wins the Open and Sly takes 4th.
Day 2 Gunner scores a 96 to be second in the Open and Soot a 95 gets her third. The dogs ran like champions and the trial ran like clockwork. Farm flock sheep didn't allow any mistakes! Handling had to be top notch, I am proud of my team! Flat field lot's of dogs were too wide or too lost. Canines N Ewe teammates ran out perfect it's been a good start to the 2009/2010 trial season!

MS. SOOT wins the Les Bruhn Memorial Trophy (High Point Open dog over 2 runs)



01/08/2010 K9znewe"SOOT", "GUNNER" & "Sly" shine at the Snowbirds On The Border SDT

Sly wins Day #1 Open Run with a score of 91. Sly was fantastic moving the trickey lambs around Sly didn't make any mistakes and just keeps getting stronger as she grows!! We are proud of this little gal!

Soot takes 2nd. on Day #1 Open with a score of 86. Soot was her usual fantastic little self, but couldn't edge out kennel mate sly!! I had a really good time running her and watching her precision at work!

Gunner takes 5th. on Day #1 Open. I was nervous for some reason, and was over working my sheep a bit. Gunner worked fantastic, but we were off on the fetch...All in all of course gunner finished fantastic in the close work and on the drive!!




04/16/2010 K9znewe"Soot"- The dog of my dreams

Soot sits #21 in the Country in USBCHA Standings.
46.2 Points (5 trials)! Second year of running Open, I see BRIGHT future for her!

Sly #47 in the country 35.8 points; First year running open, I see a future for her that is very good!



May 4, 2009 Canines N' Ewe Gets Look-See from SD Union-Trib

Canines N' Ewe had the unexpected pleasure of a visit from the San Diego Union Tribune this May.

Here is what they had to say:

"Dogged talent at work Canines and their owners get instruction from award-winning sheepherding competitor

--By Anne Krueger

EAST COUNTY At Sharon Roman's command, her 8-year-old border collie, Paige, ran like a sprinter behind a grass-and weed-covered hill. Moments later, the dog appeared, herding four sheep.

Roman, a 73-year-old Valley Center homemaker, blew her whistle, each shrill blast signaling a different command to the dog. Paige trotted alongside the sheep, making sure that none strayed as she headed toward Roman.

Jennifer Ewers, who operates Canines N' Ewe on 80 acres near Morena Village, teaches Roman and other students so they can participate with their dogs in sheepherding competitions. Ewers specializes in training border collies, a breed that she calls 'the Cadillac of herding.'

Read more and see the video!




Jennifer to Judge Soldier Hollow Classic 2010