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Jennifer & Ron Ewers
Ranchita, California



Beginners, open handlers, and seasoned ranchers can benefit from our resources and experiences. I offer a wide variety of training classes, clinics, and consultations. They include:

Beginning and advanced lessons
In-house dog training
Sheep and pasture rental
Choosing and finding a working or trialling dog

Beginner and Advanced Lessons

Both private and group lessons are available.*

If you are new to working border collies on sheep and not sure how to get started, I suggest we schedule a series of evaluation and starter lessons. During this series, I can begin to get to know you and your dog while I make initial observations of your dog's instincts and style. I will also observe what, if any natural "stock sense" you may have as a handler. That is to say, your ability to read and respond to sheep. We will also visit about what your objectives are in training for herding and plan out a schedule accordingly. You and your dog will be exposed to herding gently and methodically. To find out more about what to expect from your first lesson, click here.

For the more advanced trainer and handler, I recommend private intensive working sessions where we can hone skills using the round pen, small fields, and large open areas. Serious trainers and handlers are also encouraged to follow-up their individual sessions with my Saturday group "outrun" practice. Here everyone has an opportunity to exchange outruns on a large, open field from a variety of vantage points. If you are new to the area, this is also a good opportunity to get to know other triallers. All intermediate and advanced students are invited to participate in my " field trips" to remote pastures in the area.

If you decide you are serious about sheep dog trialling, you are encouraged to come out at least weekly for lessons. But, you and your dog can still have fun even if you only get out every 2 or 3 weeks. It just will take longer for learning to happen--yours and your dogs'.

*Although we train here at Canines N' Ewe all-year-round, lessons may have to be suspended on occasion when the dates conflict with sheep dog trials.

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