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Jennifer & Ron Ewers
Ranchita, California


In-House Dog Training

My in-house dog training program is the quickest way to:

• put a solid foundation on a young dog,

• work with a dog with problems, or,

• put the finishing polish on a working partner when you don't have the time.

When the in-house training is done, I'll work with you to learn to work with your dog.

Whether you want a dog to do ranch work, or sheep dog trialing, I will create a program that meets your goals.

I don't adhere to one basic training method that forces a dog into rote memorization of set patterns. Instead, I use my understanding of dogs and sheep to create a personalized training regime that takes into account the personality and type of each dog. Hard or soft dogs become well-balanced, and happy working partners. All in-house training dogs spend some time in our large, roomy kennels. In the evenings and over night, they become part of our big dog family!

I take on a limited number of dogs throughout the year. Please call or email to inquire about my next available openings.

Overview of fee schedule.