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Here are a few of the dogs I am currently working with that are beginning to show promise.


Born July 3, 2011..our "grandson" Sired by K9znewe"Gunner" and Matt Cook's "Jules"

Likes his line, however is a good outrunner and a great driver!! Chip is a lot of fun to work.. a great go to work dog as well. I am having a good time working with him, he learns quick, and is easy to train!!! He is running Open far I am pleased. Hoping his early training tension for range ewes goes away with age! Enjoyable dog in many aspects. Definite go to guy for any and all ranch work.







Born October of 2011..Soot x Sweep.

Probably one of the best pups I have started (with the exception of Soot) This dog can do anything from 450 range ewes to 5...he's got a lot of forward, he's a listener, he's a looker...and he's a lover! I am IN LOVE with him!First year in Open was this year and he did acquire 5 points in the limited number of trials. Very happy to be filling my second slot in Open with him!

Also a very close friend of mine!






K9znewe "Paige"

Sly x Sweep...Exciting cross that brings both of my original lines together! We shall see how they go!

I kept 4 of these. Paige being the most ready and my most favorite. She is a little (Zippo) she's brilliant in every way. She has been started and continues to go forward in her training every time she's out. I can't wait to see the end product!

Paige is qualified for Nationals 2015







Born December 2013 Cord comes to us from Blackfoot Idaho. He is the prodigy of Anita Pratt's great breeding(See link below for Dam) Sire is Don Helsley's Wizard.

I LOVE THIS PUPPY...Need I say more???????

One of the best I have started. Great feel for sheep, great natural outrun nice pliable flexible driving dog.

A really superb dog in life... Cannot wait to debut him in the Nursery next year!







Born November 2014 Roanie comes to us from mississippi. She is a grand daughter of K9zneweGunner (Sweep x Jesse - great Grand)her Dam side is a Debbie Bailey's Ben Grand daughter!!

We are excited to get her started. She is very keen and will be ready to start her training in the Fall of 2015.




















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