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Jennifer & Ron Ewers
Ranchita, California


Fee Schedule

The costs below are approximate and are based on "general stock use." You will be paying not only for my time, knowledge, labor, and teaching, but for the stress on livestock (and sometimes to my dogs), and wear and tear on fences and the ranch in general.

Individual private lessons*
(includes field time, livestock rental, and instruction) -- $40/hour

Sheep and pasture rental -- $20/hour

In-house dog training -- $500/month
Some dogs can work sheep daily, so their training progresses quickly. Others are only able to handle it a few days a week. These dogs will learn slower. Talk to me about designing a custom training contract.

Boarding -- $15/day

Full-day lessons -- contact me

Demonstrations, including stock rental, transport, veterinary certification, handling equipment and mileage -- contact me

Clinics and specialized workshops -- contact me

Judging – Please book judging assignments nine months to a year in advance. My fee does not include transportation, room and board. That is extra. A motel room or private quarters are required. Contact me for further details.