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Jennifer & Ron Ewers
Campo, California


About Ron Ewers

I've always had dogs for hunting and pets, but they were never a central part of my life until I met Jennifer. At first, I became involved just as a way to support her. Over time, I found myself becoming more and more involved in the many behind the scenes activities that are important to sheep trialing.

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Several years ago, I retired from the United States Air Force as a security policeman and went to work with the United States Border Patrol as a senior patrol agent. My experience in welding, electrical and technical work has really helped out around the ranch. I have put my skills to work building and maintaining the support equipment that Jennifer requires for herding. I recently completed modifications to our stock trailer. Complete with two built-in permanent dog kennels, a 30-gallon water tank with an outside spicket, a pull-out watering pool, an awning, tie-outs, as well as other features, this customized livestock trailer is ready for Jennifer to haul out dogs and livestock to different fields and pastures with only a modicum of preparation. I am currently modifying our travel trailer for on-the-road trialing so we can live a bit more comfortably while transporting all of our dogs and Peyton, our African gray parrot. Recently, the San Pasqual herding trial group asked me to build chutes for one of their trials. After observing many set out and exhaust operations, I designed and built a set of chutes that efficiently allows crews to move stock from the holding area to the set out position. Having also observed folks struggling with gates and other aspects of trialing equipment, I built my chutes to be quickly assembled, lightweight, and with gates that open and close easily.

In addition to building pens and chutes and designing specialized herding dog modifications for rigs, I also serve as Jennifer's primary support crew at trials. I invite you to stop by our trailer and share a beer (Coors-Light) and try some of my "family recipe" ribs, tri-tip, or Cornish game hens on the grill. I'm known on the California trial circuit as the "grill chef extraordinaire!"